The anti-trafficking community in Cambodia is small but vital. Every organization working on this issue has dedicated themselves to protecting the most vulnerable people in their community. Some organizations conduct rescue operations for trafficking victims. Other provide care, casework and therapy. Others still provide legal work, shelter, or skills and job training. Put together, along with the Cambodian government, they create a network that prevents thousands of individuals from being trafficked, and rescues and protects thousands more who are victims.

The Condor Project is deeply proud that some of these fantastic organizations have allowed us to work with them. Below is a list of all of our partners.

Bloom Asia


Bloom Asia is an NGO that provides counseling to girls rescued from exploitation, teaches them how to make boutique cakes, and employs them in bakeries they manage in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Each girl is taught skills in baking, cake making and store managing, and is paid a living wage to run the bakeries. To learn more about their wonderful work, you can read about them on their website.

Sunshine Cambodia


Sunshine Cambodia stops trafficking at the source, by sponsoring education for children and youth who are otherwise at great risk of being trafficked. Sunshine Cambodia is currently sponsoring almost 350 children between the ages of 6-18, providing them with transportation to and from school, uniforms, lunch money, educational fees, and after-school tutoring. They also run a weekly after-school care center where they teach lessons in hygiene, self-esteem and social skills, and a monthly program for parents where they teach lessons in parenting and skills training.

You can learn more about Sunshine Cambodia by visiting their website.

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