Here's how it started...

Jonny was living in Yangon, Myanmar teaching English to elementary school kids. Over the course of his stay he traveled to countries like Thailand and Cambodia and saw first hand small children being dealt illicitly to tourists. It stayed with him, and he resolved to do something about it when he came back to the United States.

I went to visit him in February of 2017, and over the course of my time there I met a tour guide who told me that he was saving up money to buy a house for him and his family. I thought about that for awhile, and realized that I probably could have written him a check for most of the money he needed. And I thought about how unfair it was that our geographies had provided us with such different opportunities.

Later that night on a rooftop bar in downtown Yangon we started talking, and came to the decision that we should start an NGO in southeast Asia. We didn't know what it would do or how it work. We just knew that we wanted to help.

Justin and Jonathan.JPG

After countless hours of research and meetings with smart people we decided that the way to be most effective was to find existing NGOs in the areas we wanted to help, and partner with them, effectively acting as their representatives in the U.S. and their primary fundraising office. We spent the next year learning how to start a nonprofit, researching the issue, speaking with activists in Cambodia and Thailand about what we could do to help, and identifying strong potential partners. In July 2018, we traveled to Cambodia, and met with dozens of NGOs to learn about how human trafficking was being dealt with by the NGO community, how they all worked together to maximize their efficiency, and what we could do to help.

In late 2018 we were designated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS.

All we need now is your help. We can't fight this battle without you.