Human trafficking is born out of extreme poverty. Sometimes desperate families sell members to traffickers. Other times people with nothing to lose sign up for opportunities that sound promising but are too good to be true, and end up trapped, forced to do labor for little or no money.

If you want to stop trafficking, the best thing you can do is offer an alternative to these options.

Most of the organizations The Condor Project partners with deal with stopping trafficking at the source, by working in the poorest communities in southeast Asia. These are private NGOs, missionaries, and other organizations that help people vulnerable to trafficking with education, skills training, or community building.

We also partner with organizations that work with rescued survivors of trafficking. These organizations provide shelter, care, or legal attention to people who are terrified and have no idea what is going to happen to them, or what they're going to do next.

Our job is to find the organizations that are doing this work. We look for the ones that don't have big budgets and PR departments. The ones that spend every dollar they have on the problems they are trying to solve. These are the organizations that we want to help, and we do so by acting as a fundraising apparatus for them in the United States. To learn about all of our partners, click on this link.

It's that simple. But we can't do it without you.